Translation Office 300 v.10 (Full/Keygen/Crack)

Download Translation Office 300 v.10 (Full/Keygen/Crack).| Pagi sahabat OS, karena banyak yang inbox saya akan ngesahare software Translation Office dimana software ini merupakan alat akuntansi penerjemah efektif yang banyak di gunakan oleh para professional dalam penerjemahan lebih dari 90+ negara di seluruh dunia. Software ini cocok dengan perusahaan atau perorangan atau individu, dengan menggunakan software ini anda dapat menghitung jumlah pekerjaan anda dengan kata, garis, karakter teks dan setiap unit volume lainnya. Translation Office menggunakan 2 alat penghitung konten canggih yaitu AnyCount dan CATCount yang dapat memudahkan anda dalam mendapatkan kata yang cepat dan akurat, baris, halaman, karakter dan jumlah satuan bahkan kustom dengan bantuan built-in tool AnyCount plus penghitungan Translations Assisted yang mudah dengan satu klik, menggunakan built-in CATCount.

More Info :
*)are able to deliver every job on time with it
*)can find all the jobs they have done for their clients in the past
*)have a built-in word-count module at their disposal to count texts
*)can use templates to generate invoices, payments, etc.
*)always have a searchable database of invoices, payments, jobs and clients at hand
*)can use its built-in back-up and restore features to save a copy of their data and retrieve it if need be.

Multiple Volume Units
With Translation Office 3000 you can calculate your work amount in words, lines, characters and any other text volume units (e.g. page of 1800 characters with spaces, page of 1500 characters without spaces, line of 50, 55 or 60, or 62 characters).

Easily Manageable Price-List
There are two purposes for a price-list. First, it is useful alone for reference purposes and for sending it to prospective clients at their requests. Secondly, when you make a new job quote to a translation agency, Translation Office 3000 automatically suggests the price for the given language pair from the price-list, if it is listed there.

Optimum Client and Contact handling
With Translation Office 3000 you can communicate more consistently keeping track of all the important things, which happen in your freelance translation business. For every translation agency or direct translation job client you can have a clear view of all the important information (client profile, translation quotes, translation jobs, invoices issued, payments received).

Built-in powerful word counters
Translation Office 3000 incorporates advanced content count tools: AnyCount and CATCount. Obtain quick and accurate word, line, page, character and even custom unit counts with the help of built-in AnyCount tool. Count easily Computer Assisted Translations with a single click, using built-in CATCount tool.

Visualized intuitive project and work tracking
Always have the clearest view of pending projects and jobs, using advanced features of Translation Office 3000 like schedules of projects.

Invoicing, Quoting and more
Invoices and quotes no longer consume time. Issue invoices and quotes with multiple jobs, markups, discounts, comments and even CATCount result tables, add or remove jobs from them with a single click. Save your invoices, quotes and price lists using fully customizable templates in .rtf or .doc files.

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